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Unlock Your Online Potential

Web Development

A sinple website, an online shop, or a complex CRM system with complex business logic, data processing, variety of integrations, machine learning, and natural language processing?

Mobile Development

Over the years, we have developed and published a handful of successful applications, and there is no doubt yours won't be an exception. We work with both native and hybrid  (based on the web technology stack) mobile applications. Our specialists will suggest the stack that works best for you.

Data Mining

Our extensive experience in crawling, collecting, storing, and processing data is at your disposal.

Quality Assurance

A team of qualified Quality Assurance engineers is eager to help with manual testing and test automation, constructive test plans, and documentation.

Product Management

Things went out of control? No worries! we can help you organizing the development process following the best industry standards and practices.


Looking for a technical advice or a pair of extra hands in your team to accomplish your goals? Look no further! Our team of 35 qualified specialists is happy to help.

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